Marine Diesel Additives     

Marine Diesel Additives

The investment you have made in your boat is significant. You have outfitted it with electronics, life-saving equipment and all the creature comforts anyone would need at sea. You have at least one diesel engine and probably a diesel generator that you have regularly maintained by a qualified marine diesel technician. You even have an engine spares kit just in case something needs to be replaced at sea. 

But what about your diesel fuel? How much of your efforts are spent focused on the one thing responsible for 90% of all engine failures? Diesel fuel is the lifeblood of your engines. Appropriate fuel treatment for microbial contamination, fuel tank hygiene and engine performance may be the most important aspect of boat maintenance that is regularly overlooked, until a major problem occurs.

These 3 products will help ensure your fuel and engine are running at peak performance.


The only way to clean-up a fuel system that has been contaminated with microbes is with a biocide. Use Bio Kleen in tandem with Clear-Diesel Fuel & Tank Cleaner to rid your system of microbial contamination. These two products can also be used quarterly as preventive maintenance to ensure proper fuel tank hygiene.

microbial contamination fuel tank hygiene
Clear-Diesel® Fuel & Tank Cleaner

This fuel and tank cleaner is used to maintain proper fuel tank hygiene by dispersing contaminants and removing water. It also keeps fuel fresh when stored for short or long periods of time. Use Clear-Diesel in tandem with Bio Kleen quarterly for preventive maintenance to ensure proper fuel tank hygiene and to eliminate existing microbial contamination.

fuel tank hygiene microbial contamination
Diesel Kleen® +Cetane Boost®

A straight-up performance improver, Diesel Kleen should be used year-around, every time you add fuel, to ensure your engine is running at maximum performance and efficiency.

improve engine performance