Marine Diesel Additives     

  • Got bugs in your fuel?
  • Want to keep your fuel fresh for an extended period of time?
  • Changing fuel-filters too often?
  • Sick of exhaust smoke and dirty transoms?

Clean your fuel tanks by pumping out tank water bottoms and using Bio Kleen® Diesel Fuel Biocide and Clear-Diesel® Fuel & Tank Cleaner.

Clear-Diesel® Fuel & Tank Cleaner contains +PetroFresh® to keep fuel fresh during extended periods of storage up to one year.

This is the first sign of a contaminated fuel system.  Visit our Microbial Contamination section to learn how you can clean and maintain a fuel system.

Your fuel injectors are dirty and it’s time to clean them with Diesel Kleen® +Cetane Boost® Performance Improver.  Your crew will love you for it!

A highly active pesticide or biocide that kills microbes in diesel fuel to eliminate microbial contamination. Bio Kleen® can also be used quarterly as preventive main- tenance to ensure proper fuel tank hygiene.


A fuel and tank cleaner that is used quarterly for preventive maintenance and to keep stored fuel fresh. Clear-Diesel is also used in tandem with Bio Kleen to eliminate existing microbial contamination.


A straight-up performance improver. Diesel Kleen® should be used year-around every time you add fuel to ensure your engine is running at maximum performance and efficiency.